EarthNet2021 Toolkit API - Download

Downloading EarthNet2021

The key function for downloading EarthNet2021 is a class method that downloads, checks SHA-hashes and unpacks the Dataset into a desired folder.

Ensure you have enough free disk space! We recommend 1TB.

import earthnet as en
en.Downloader.get(data_dir, splits)

Where data_dir is the directory where EarthNet2021 shall be saved and splits is "all"or a subset of ["train","iid","ood","extreme","seasonal"].


cd earthnet-toolkit/earthnet/
python -h
python "Path/To/Download/To" "all"

For using in the commandline.

API module

class, desc=None, total=None, leave=True, file=None, ncols=None, mininterval=0.1, maxinterval=10.0, miniters=None, ascii=None, disable=False, unit=’it’, unit_scale=False, dynamic_ncols=False, smoothing=0.3, bar_format=None, initial=0, position=None, postfix=None, unit_divisor=1000, write_bytes=None, lock_args=None, gui=False, **kwargs)

Bases: tqdm.std.tqdm

update_to(b=1, bsize=1, tsize=None)

class str)

Bases: object

Downloader Class for EarthNet2021

__init__(data_dir: str)

Initialize Downloader Class


data_dir (str): The directory where the data shall be saved in, we recommend data/dataset/

classmethod get(data_dir: str, splits: Union[str, Sequence[str]], overwrite: bool = False, delete: bool = True)

Download the EarthNet2021 Dataset

Before downloading, ensure that you have enough free disk space. We recommend 1 TB.

Specify the directory data_dir, where it should be saved. Then choose, which of the splits you want to download. All available splits: [“train”,”iid”,”ood”,”extreme”,”seasonal”] You can either give “all” to splits or a List of splits, for example [“train”,”iid”].


data_dir (str): The directory where the data shall be saved in, we recommend data/dataset/
splits (Sequence[str]): Either “all” or a subset of [“train”,”iid”,”ood”,”extreme”,”seasonal”]. This determines the splits that are downloaded.
overwrite (bool, optional): If True, overwrites an existing gzipped tarball by downloading it again. Defaults to False.
delete (bool, optional): If True, deletes the downloaded tarball after unpacking it. Defaults to True. str, buf_size: int = 104857600)