The EarthNet2021 dataset is free to download and no registration is required. There is 2 ways to download the dataset.

Note: We recommend at least 600GB of free disk space before starting the download of EarthNet2021.

We recommend downloading the dataset with the EarthNet2021 toolkit.

  1. Install the EarthNet2021 toolkit pip install earthnet (see here)
  2. Run in python:
import earthnet as en

en.Downloader.get(path/to/download/to, splits)

Here, splits specifies what parts of earthnet to download:

  • "all" Download the whole dataset.
  • "train"Download just the training dataset.
  • ["train","iid"]Download just training and iid test set.

For more options see here

We host the EarthNet2021 dataset as many gzipped tarballs, find the splits here: